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Who is Passive Income For?

Who is Passive Income For?

October 15, 2015

Passive income usually sounds awesome to everyone but for very different reasons. Most of our family and friends that we share our passive income ideas with are intrigued but still don’t do it. Why? They have steady jobs… they have a family… it requires a good amount of up front work… So we realized this is not for everyone but we believe the benefits of freeing your time and money can be for many many people. Here are a few different type of people that could benefit from these business models.



All entrepreneurs face emotional roller coasters during their lives and the ones that can finish the ride will be the ones that succeed. But if we can figure out how to make the ride a bit smoother, why not? Most people have excuses throughout their whole lives and never even get on the ride. Those excuses are: It’s not the right time, I’m saving up money, I don’t want to quit my job yet, I want to learn more first, Its too big of a risk, I’m waiting to find the right people, the list goes on and on. We agree with all the motivational entrepreneurs who say “Stop making excuses and start DOING!”, but these are things that go through everyone’s head before they take the leap, even the most confident and risky entrepreneurs. So, how can we fight back and encourage more people to take the risk, to get on the ride? Passive Income! That’s exactly why I (Brian) am starting these businesses. My goal is to generate enough fixed income to live the lifestyle I enjoy, free up my time to focus on building a platform (maybe I’ll share in the future), learn new skills everyday and meet like minded people.




Your biggest goal is to travel the whole world. Unfortunately, this is only a dream to most people. You can use your 10 vacation days and go to a different place each year but we got news for you, the world is too big and there’s way too much to see. Of course, you could become a backpacker, start a bread and water diet, live on a yoga mat everywhere you go and manage to make just enough money to survive by doing small gigs here and there but that’s not for everyone… So, how can we free up our time to travel and still live the lifestyle we want? Passive Income! You have the freedom to work from anywhere in the world at anytime you want, you create a fix income to travel and maintain the lifestyle you enjoy.




We don’t have any kids of our own but we know its not easy to raise children (we saw what our parents went through for us). Most parents face the issue with balancing their work life with family life. Back in the day, most men worked and women stayed at home to take care of the family but that’s often not the case anymore. It’s expected that men and women both focus on their careers and children at the same time. Many people resort to day cares or babysitters to watch their children and end up spending minimal time with their kids. This might work for some people but sounds extremely stressful to us. So, how do we spend more time with our children but still focus on building a career and being successful? Passive Income! You are building a business, learning new skills, freeing yourself from having to go into the office and allowing yourself to spend more time at home with your kids.



Lazy people

You all know who you are… Your number one goal is to chill, watch netflix, take naps, order takeout, etc. Not a very healthy lifestyle but who are we to judge? Unless your spoiled by rich parents, won the lottery, or somehow make money for chilling, this is impossible to do. How can you “chill” a lot more? Passive Income! It’s definitely not a get rich fast thing (we don’t believe those actually exist) but after working hard and smart to set up these businesses, you can create income that requires very little management and then sit around and chill all you want!