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Supplier Visit

Supplier Visit

November 7, 2015

Took a trip out to NingBo to visit our supplier last weekend, here’s what we learned:

Small Manufacturing Footprint

  • Our factories manufacturing footprint was much smaller than we expected. The assembly line was about the size of about 5 living rooms. Folks were seated in on round chairs with wheels across two long tables. There were about 10 workers creating our products.

Other Customers

  • We learned that our supplier primarily supplies to the US and European markets, and also saw products for a customer in Japan on the assembly line.

Customizable Options

  • On the assembly line we saw a product that design that we hadn’t been aware of. It was a clear coating of our product that was pretty cool. Potential future customization!

Met the Owner and Sales Manager

  • In china there is a term called “Guan Xi” that is widely used in business. The essence of the term is that who you do business with is very important. It was nice to be able to meet in person the sales manager that helped us get everything ready for our product, and also chat with the owner to learn more about their business and products.

Product Inspection

  • Another aspect of the trip quality inspection. We were able to inspect the final product (packaging, FNSKU labels, and quality) and make sure everything will be put together for Amazon.

Overall it was a good trip to meet with our supplier. We wouldn’t recommend making the trip unless you’re in the area, but was a good to see the assembly line, inspect product, learn about other products / customizable options, and get to know the supplier in person.