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Rank Higher on Amazon Search

Rank Higher on Amazon Search

October 8, 2015

One of our main focus areas recently has been to get our products set up and ready for listing on Amazon through Seller Central. As part of getting the listing ready we were thrown into the world of Amazon search and how to make our products more widely seen and rank higher. Here are the highlights of what we discovered.

Amazon Search is Different Than Google Search:

The fundamental difference in how to think about the differences in these two is the way that these businesses make money. Amazon makes money by selling products while Google makes money by selling ads. Therefore Amazon search is optimized to ensure the highest likelihood of purchase and re-purchase. (Conversion Rate on Search, Availability of Product, Image of Product, Price, etc) Google is optimized to ensure the highest likelihood of ad clicks now and in the future (Relevance of Search, Time Spent on Page, Click Through Rate Etc)

Listed below are the areas that are key to Amazon Product Listings

Product Title:

As part of Seller Central Amazon notes that all terms in the product name are searchable. They also allow for additional terms (limited) in the keyword section. The number of characters in the product description and in the keyword section are limited so make sure to include as many keywords or variations of keywords as possible. For example (Cell Phone, cellphone, cell, cellular phone)

Amazon notes that the product name should include the following parts:

  • Brand & Description
  • Product Line
  • Material
  • Color, Size & Quantity

Knowing this it made sense that a few articles encouraged users to utilize as many keywords as possible in the product description. Although this is highly encouraged, keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to sell the product. We’ve seen both articles on keyword stuffing and keeping the title easy to understand, and are thinking about using a mixture of both. Making it search relevant with keywords but at the same time having the title flow well in terms of describing the benefits of the product.

Fill Out All Fields that Apply to Product Setup:

This piece is quite important as we never know how our customers may stumble upon our product. It is highly encouraged to fill out as many fields as possible just in case our customers find our product through non-traditional search methods.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews:

Once the listing is active, the main area of focus should be on reviews, reviews, reviews. From Amazon’s perspective, an important element of making the sale is customer feedback. With a high frequency of positive reviews, users are more likely to purchase the product, whereby helping Amazon generate more revenue. Thus reviews are extremely important in the beginning stages, and we believe can help your product rank higher.

Ensure Quality Customer Service:

As part of Seller Central Amazon has a health rating for the account. It’s important to maintain a healthy rating to not get kicked off Amazon. Although we haven’t heard any research about customer service quality effecting search rankings, this is an important part of the sales process and believe that it can help with positive reviews.

Multiple Products, Same Brand:

What we’ve heard from multiple sources is that multiple items under the same brand helps to increase search rankings. This makes sense from the standpoint that a brand with multiple items is more likely to be trusted than one with only one item. Additionally it means that there could be an opportunity for cross purchases, thus increasing revenue generated. This is one where we’ll want to test firsthand.

Avoid Out of Stocks:

From Amazon’s perspective, these are listings that are letting customers down. Not only that it is a lost sale but also that the customer was not able to purchase what they wanted. Imagine if all listings on Amazon were out of stock, customers may choose to utilize another website next time they choose to purchase a product online. Again with out of stocks we haven’t heard about them effecting search rankings, but feel like Amazon may weigh this in some sense as it represents letting customers down.

In summary what we’ve read through articles on Amazon search and what we believe is that the best way to rank higher on Amazon is to help generate more profit whether now or in the future. It includes a well thought out product title that allows users to find the product, a well layed out product description and images that encourage users to buy the product, and excellent customer service and top notch reviews to ensure that users come back to buy more.

Please let us know what you think and if you may know of other ways to help boost search ranking and ultimately earn more selling through Amazon.