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Optimizing Airbnb Listing

Optimizing Airbnb Listing

September 21, 2015

airbnbphotographerOptimizing¬†is key when it comes to Airbnb! We listed our new apartment a week before we moved in so we could set up our listing and request a photographer. Requesting a photographer usually takes 1-2 weeks and because we timed it right, the photographer came the same day we moved in! No cleaning or prepping was necessary for the photos because the place was brand new. Our Airbnb photographer’s name was Eduardo and he came with his lovely girlfriend Monica. They told me about their travels around the world and how they’ve taken photos for over 500 Airbnb listings! Check out their very own blog here.

So here’s how it works, after Eduardo takes the photos, we’ll have to wait 1-2 weeks before they are posted to our listing. He cannot give any of the photos to us because Airbnb pays for them and owns them. After Airbnb receives and approves the photos, they will post them to our listing.

Since it takes a few weeks for this progress, we had to take our own photos to get our listing up and running asap. We took note of the areas and angles that Eduardo used for his photos and tried our best to duplicate them with our phones… Here’s a few for you guys to veiw:


Livingroom Kitchen