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How to get a FNSKU number?

How to get a FNSKU number?

September 23, 2015

Each product shipped to Amazon FBA must have a FNSKU number. This is what Amazon uses to identify your product. There was a little bit of confusion while we were setting this up but we’ve sorted through it all and would like to help the rest of you.

If you are not creating your own packaging, please ignore this paragraph. If you are, the FNSKU can be printed directly on the packaging. This can get confusing because Amazon requires a UPC code when you create a listing. The actual UPC code is not required to be on the packaging and if it is already, you’ll need to cover it with the FNSKU label anyways. Printing it directly on the box will save you some time printing and labeling each one. NOTE: Only do this if you plan on using Amazon FBA services for all your shipping (FBA handles shipping for all your sales, not just sales through Amazon).


How to obtain your FNSKU?

Once you have listed your item on seller central, click on Manage Inventory under the Inventory tab.

Manage Inventory


You’ll see the item you just created a listing for, check the box to the left of your item and select “Action on 1 selected”.



Select “Print item labels”















Once you see this screen, you are only a few clicks away! Change the number of labels to the amount you will need, choose your paper/sticker type and click print item labels.


You can find labeling paper at your local office supply store or online. If you are creating your own packaging, place this FNSKU on your box design where you would like.

Here’s an example of ours: