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First Fiverr Experience

First Fiverr Experience

September 22, 2015

We definitely learned our lesson after building our first website (this one). Picking a template is more than finding one that’s pretty. Make sure all the demo pages are very similar to what you want your website to look like. That includes home page, blog pages, side bars, and all the elements you see. We chose this theme because it was clean and simple but didn’t dig into each demo page before purchasing it. Customizing this theme has taught us a lot but consumed too much of our time that could be spent generating content or working on other businesses. So we decided to give Fiverr a shot…

We chose someone with 5 stars and 2000 reviews. No chance this could go wrong right? We asked for 4 fixes and paid $20 (4×5). Estimated time for delivery was 24 hours. We explained what we needed done in detail and was hoping we’d wake up to a website exactly how we wanted. That was definitely not the case… The person we hired completed 1 of the 4 task and marked the project complete. We jumped over to fiverr and saw that he left us a message saying he’d be back online in a few hours to complete the project but didn’t want it to be marked late. A few hours turned into more than a day with nothing done. After messaging him 2-3 times during the day wondering when it would be done, we finally saw another task complete and the project marked complete again. Still 2 task to go…

We left a negative review after day 5 and got an immediate response saying they would do anything for us to remove the negative review. Hmmm… maybe get the job done? Since the excuse for the delay was “I’m getting married in a few weeks” we decided to cut him some slack. Although, he should have never accepted a gig if he didn’t have time to do the job. Long story short, it took 6 days, lots of screen shots, a bad review and some of our own editing to get the job done.

Although our first experience with Fiverr was crap, we will definitely give it another shot. The platform is awesome and it seems there is a lot of talent on there. We’ll let you know what our next experience is like.

Here’s some screen shots of things that got screwed up and needed to big fixed…

Blog-Screw-Up-2 homepagescrewup







































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