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Creating a Brand

Creating a Brand

October 23, 2015

After choosing our products, the fun begins! We need to come up with a brand. A name that connects with our product and our consumers, a logo that communicates who we are and looks nice on our products and most importantly something that will allow us to expand our product line in the future.



To start off, we came up with names that fit the following criteria (relevant, catchy, memorable). Evan’s product is in the sports and outdoors category while mine is home and kitchen. We got to work immediately using our preferred brainstorming method which is writing anything that comes to mind on a whiteboard for 10 minutes. After this, we spend some time reflecting on each idea and eliminate ones that don’t work. We came up with 2 names that we were happy with, CAMPEE for Evans and Utensil for mine.

Brainstorming Tips:

  • Check out synonyms for words related to your category or product
  • Make sure they are easy to say and remember
  • Google the word to see if their are any other companies out there with the same name
  • Check to see if the name is already copyrighted
  • Check to see if the domain name is available (in case you want to create a website in the future)
  • Check social media channels to see what comes up when you type in the name


Creating a Logo

There are several options when it comes to designing a logo… You can design it from scratch, edit a pre-made template, or fully outsource to a professional. We prefer to play around and design from scratch so that’s exactly what we did for the utensil logo. Unfortunately, we struggled a bit with Evan’s logo for CAMPEE so we decided to purchase and edit a pre-made template.

Design tips: campeelogos

  • Start of by choosing a color scheme for your brand
  • Decide what you want your brands personality to be (professional, fun, serious, etc.)
  • Check out some logo templates that are related to your category to get some ideas (Graphic River)
  • If you decide you need to buy a template, test out a few before you purchase
  • If you have zero Photoshop skills, your best bet is to outsource. (See step 2 on our Amazon FBA page)
  • Make sure your logo looks good on your product/s

We tested out several designs for CAMPEE before purchasing the template that we wanted.

Here are the final logos we came up with for both brands









Potential to Expand

When creating our brand, we kept in mind that we would like to add future products to our line. With both these names, we can easily add in new sports and outdoor and home and kitchen products the time comes. This allows us to focus in on a category and do better product research for the future. We’ve got our fingers cross and hope that our first products will take off so we can find more! Wish us luck!