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Build a Free Amazon Search Rank Tracker 

Build a Free Amazon Search Rank Tracker 

November 7, 2015

We were looking for a free and convenient tool that pulls all the ranking, price, number of reviews for all listings under a specific keyword for Amazon and recently discovered and tested a free data crawler (Kimonify). Kimonify is a program that helps users create API’s (Advanced Programming Interface) to crawl the web for information. We decided to test it out and after about 4 hours of tinkering with it, we were able to create an API that pulled search rank, price, and number of reviews for any Amazon Keyword. Kimonify works well and we’re planning to utilize the Kimonify data crawler to help us aggregate how we rank on keywords as well as the price and number of reviews of our competition.

*Limitation of the free version is that it crawls up to 25 pages – with Amazon that nets to around the top 500 listings


Sample Output: Listing Ranking, Price, and Number of reviews for each listing under search term “yoga mat”

Kimonofy Crawler Output

To build your own free Amazon search rank, price, review tracker, start by downloading the Kimonify Bookmarklet or Chrome Extension . Start by selecting the information that you’d like to pull by activating Kimonify and clicking the listing titles.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.07.41 AM

Then click the pagination icon to have the crawler pull multiple pages, then click next “until highlighted” as this tells the crawler how to pull in more pages.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.08.21 AM

The above steps will pull in the search rank for each listing under the keyword, if you’d like to pull in price and number of reviews there are a few additional steps. Pull in the href (link to the listing) through advanced options as this will be utilized to identify which listings for the crawler to pull price and review information and run the API

Data Model View


Href Selection

Go into the API and click on the href for the first listing (should lead to the first Amazon listing page) and create a new API that selects both price and reviews. Run the API.

Click HREF for Price + Reviews

Price + Reviews Selection

Now in the second API link it up with the first API within crawl setup by changing the crawl setup to “URLs from source API”, and in the source API select “First API” and “collection1: property1”.

Combo Crawl

Give it a shot and see what you what else you can Kimonify!