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Amazon FBA Launch

Amazon FBA Launch

January 6, 2016

I’ve been away for quiet some time and apologize for not updating you all. I spent the past few months launching my Amazon business, traveling to visit family and celebrating the holidays. I am happy to say that our Amazon FBA businesses are up and running and we have lots to share!


Launch date was November 2nd and the first thing I did was contact all my close friends and family to purchase the item and leave a review. This process took a few weeks and was a lot harder then expected. Here’s what I did to accomplish this:

  1. Pick a keyword you really want to rank for and then find your item using that keyword on Amazon. This may take some time at first because it’ll be hard to find your item. The link should be something like this: (
  2. Send an email to all your friends and family. I suggest using e-mail so they know exactly where to find it. I made the mistake using different methods (text, facebook, e-mail) which got a little confusing. Include 3 things in your email: Link to product, link to leave product review, link to leave seller feedback.
  3. After they make the purchase, nudge them with a reminder to leave a product review and seller feedback.
  4. After you notice that less than half of them have done it, remind them all again and again and again… After the 5th or 6th remind you can give up, these people are either horrible friends, very lazy, or both.


I set up an auto campaign with the daily budget of $25 with a default bid at .75 cents.



These 2 things took about 3 weeks to start working for me. I noticed my BSR improving everyday as well as my rank in the specific keyword that I chose. I went from page who knows to page 2. Sales continued to grow with the combination of the shopping season and holidays.

Sales snapshot

Sales spiked during Black Friday and continued to improve afterwards. I started worrying about my inventory and whether my next shipment would get there in time so I increased my price from $17.99 to $19.99 to$ 21.99 to $22.99 to $24.99 to $29.99 to $38.99 to $99.99. Surprisingly, people kept buying the item until I had 1 left which was priced at $99.99. Luckily, my inventory arrived 1 day later and I was back in business. Shortly after, I ran out of stock again for about 1 week.

Lessons Learned

  1. Ask supplier for lead times so you can plan accordingly. Try to ALWAYS have inventory.
  2. Friends and family might be a harder route to get reviews. Evan used AMZ tracker and got 116 reviews easily (we’ll explain how to use AMZ tracker in a later post).
  3. Test different price points, increasing the price got me more sales. Find the sweet spot.
  4. Use clean and clear photos (we’ll show you how we did it in a later post).
  5. Don’t worry about spending money on keyword campaigns, it helped us get more sales and rank higher organically.

Overall, I would consider this launch a huge success. We were able to do around 12k in sales in about 2 months. Most coming from 1 month (December). This info is definitely skewed due to the holidays but we just got back in stock and sold 20 units the first day! Stay tuned for more updates!